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Yo but remember when Harley Quinn basically shat on gay bashing?

Oh my god, where is this from?

That one’s from Harley Quinn #22! Harley gets killed and goes to Hell, where she hooks up with some dead buddies and proceeds to plan a jailbreak. So Hell sics this crazed demonic enforcer on her, a bounty hunter from the Old West who even in death is obsessed with finding the one man who eluded him. After said bounty hunter annoyingly foils Harley’s escape plan, Harley finally asks him: “ffs, you’re dead, why are you so obsessed with finding this guy?” and it turns out that he wants revenge against the man who “corrupted” his son, aka his son’s boyfriend. And Harley’s like, “UM, DUH, YOU HAVEN’T FOUND HIM BECAUSE HE’S NOT IN HELL YOU BIGOTED DICKHEAD.” And then Harley proceeds to cause so much trouble in Hell that she winds up being banished back to the land of the living.

Because these are just the kind of things that happen to Harley.

Harley Quinn: Too Good For Hell

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clint barton is my favorite avenger because he’s the type of guy to fall down and yell “PARKOUR”

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Representation Matters: Doc McStuffins

As you know, I am such a fan of media representation for women in STEM, but I haven’t given fair credit to the amazing Doc McStuffins! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, but this little girl is absolutely perfect. She’s the daughter of a doctor and takes the things she learns from her mom and applies them to her own practice, Her toy practice! She’s smart, curious and according to show creator Chris Nee, she’s also a “strong, assertive character who’s going places in life”. In one episode she was struggling with a diagnosis for one of her patients, but that didn’t get her down. “I won’t give up, until I figure it out!” she cried! She is just the role model pre-school kids deserve.

While she’s teaching kids about health and hygiene, she also making a huge impact. Doc McStuffins is a top rated-program for the 2-5 age group. Little boys and girls love her; merchandise of the show garnered more than $500 million in sales last year. I can’t go to a restaurant or a grocery store anymore without seeming some kid toting her doll around. She’s everywhere!

While she’s awesome and adorable, most importantly she’s a great role model for young girls, especially for girls of color. There is a disproportionately low number of women in STEM, but there’s an even less women of color in STEM fields. Women of color make up about 7% of employed scientists and only 1.9% of the nation’s doctors.

“It’s so powerful to show representation of somebody who’s not usually on TV”, show creator Chris Nee spoke of this importance in a recent interview with MSNBC. Representation matters. Women, especially young people, need to see themselves in the characters they see. It gives them to the chance to say “I could do that, I could be that”. Even Disney executives admit the power media has on the way people, especially kids, see the world. So for a character like Doc McStuffins, a little girl of color who is interested in STEM, to have all the force of the Disney brand behind her, is something to truly celebrate!  

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaass my nephew loves her :)

she reminds me of my niece whose bday is today! 

Fun fact: my sister loves this show and it’s the reason why she wants to become a doctor. :)

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Dear every person who says that a mental illness is not
a valid reason for not being able to attend school normally,

Say that to the counselor, the school nurse, the paramedics,
and the friend who walked me to the office on the day of my overdose.
Say that to the kids who saw me sleep through first and second period.
Say that to the boy who sleeps in every class.

Tell that to my teacher who had to talk me out
of suicide on a school night.
Tell that to my bio teacher who saw
me break down during a suicide prevention assembly.
Tell that to the housemates who have heard
me call the suicide hotlines.
Tell that to my freshman English teacher who tells
me I look so alive now in comparison to
how dead I looked freshman year.

Say that to any friend who has had to talk me out of suicide.
Say that to any friend who has had to calm me down
after an anxiety attack.
Say that to every friend and follower that has
come to me with thoughts of suicide.

Tell that to the kids who have failing grades because
they can’t focus, the ones who can’t make it through
a school night without having an anxiety attack,
the kids who sleep right when they get home and
straight on until morning, the ones who
have more breakdowns a day than meals a day,
the ones who have spent more time staring
at hospital walls than school hallways.

Tell that to the kids who cry every night.

Tell that to the teenagers in psychiatric wards and treatment centers.
Tell that to the family of someone who has just committed suicide.

Tell them that school is more important than their sanity.

- 5:58 p.m. (An open letter to ignorance)

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He went from Andrew Scott to Moriarty in .5 seconds.


Holy shit….

Oh my.

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"Holding her hand in public, is just another way of saying you’re proud to have her."
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Apologies for the late acceptance letter. Or maybe you were taking classes all along?



Stop that pelvic sorcery! You are not Kevin Bacon!

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Someone should FaceTime me or message me on Skype~

hailtherandom double pistol wink ❤️

When I’m stressed out I take half naked selfies. Whatever. I’ve got good eyebrows. At least I’ve got that going for me.

So stressed out!!

Can’t fix this alone so I have to pay for someone to get it fixed!!

Why does this always happen to me when I have no money!

Or any help from anyone!

Why does my life fucking suck?!


love how the shows with the most queerbaiting, shittily written plots, women either killed or written off, is the most popular show on here with a confirmed season 10

but with a show with canon queer characters is struggling to get season 3